The Food Struggle

I’ve just moved to Newcastle, Australia for my Foundation Medicine studies. I was 60 kg at my cousin’s wedding in January. But I went ‘off-course’ and piled on the pounds. When I came here much earlier than my course commencement I was still eating like a pig. Then my parents left, classes commenced and I had to cook for myself. I ate so little I hardly had energy to move any part of my body. I felt I had a cold shoulder when I tried lifting my arms. A typical day for me was consuming 1 hard boiled egg and 100 g of boiled sweet potatoes with a 200 ml-glass of unsweetened almond milk for dinner. Then I’d have 1 fruit for snack somewhere between breakfast and the second (also the last) meal of the day. The fruit usually was apply (free from the University’s Student Association) or a kiwi (leftover from the roadtrip while my family was still here). Then the last meal was dinner at around 6 or 7 pm and it included a measured portion of meat and vegetables and that was that.

So it’s no surprise that I felt like lead everyday. I felt so heavy and lethargic and I felt I couldn’t move. Then I binged. Starving will ultimately lead to that. But I am going to change now. I came here to do well for my foundation course and to secure a place for myself in medicine. I am not going to jeopardise that and sabotage my health at the same time. I weighed in at 68 kg today, directly 2 days after bingeing. This has given me strength because

(A) I am well below 70 kg
(B) if right after eating like a pig and I still weigh 68 kg, this means the next 2 days will easily shave off a few more kgs and I will weigh even lesser than 68.

So now I have decided to eat cleanly and at appropriate times. I will eat a chocolate piece but I will limit myself and do so in moderation. I don’t want to have to stress about my studies AND fret about my weight.

I also will join the gym next Monday onwards. I have to learn to delegate my time appropriately and not focus only on one thing at a time. I can learn to juggle my studies, my food and exercise and I will do so.

So I have started NOW. Not Monday, not tomorrow but NOW.

I had breakfast at 1150 am and these were the foods I ate:

40 g of Fibre Plus Cereal (Apply & Sultanas)
200 ml of Light Fresh Milk
104 g of peaches

I really want to get back to 64 kg at least and then slowly work the last 6-8 kg off after.
My goal weight is 57 kg.

Please help me God.


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