Know Me

I am:
Loyal, short-tempered, affectionate, fickle, dramatic, contradicting, understanding, bubbly, aggressive, structured, ordered, amiable, misunderstood, indecipherable, impatient, grumpy, genuine, smiles, complicated, anonymous, tough, fair, loving, perplexing, infinite, indescribable, the sum of my parts, curious, reasonable, infuriating, humble, respectful, emotional, sensitive, God-fearing..  

I love:
Reading, watching films, medicine, rollerblading, swimming, running, cycling, being by my lonesome, writing, reflecting, cups of tea, mugs of coffee, travelling, cuddling, creating, designing, fantasising, cooking, baking, being with family, photography, simple & elegant Punjabi suits, watching the waves crash against the rocks at the beach, watching the sunrise & the sunset, chocolates, loving, polaroid pictures, the rain, kiwis, vintage themes, the sound of leaves crunching and twigs snapping underfoot, the smell of a new book, peaches, autumn, pineapples, horses, wolves, the smell of damp earth, stillness, the pitter-patter sound of rain falling, snow, wearing big tee shirts, worn socks, Rocky Balboa, rooting for the underdog, walking, strawberries, henna, make-up, the idea of museums, listening to music, the feel of books as I run my fingers over their spines, observing people discreetly, the camaraderie between soldiers, witnessing undying love & fierce loyalty, art, kittens, sound of hooves, bumping into old friends, being pleasantly surprised, sun rays, warmth, volunteering, exploring, mangoes, listening to rags-to-riches stories, notebooks & diaries, soft billowy clouds in a blue sky, diamonds, flowery prints, Alsatians, nature, the quiet, stars in the night sky, soft curls, stillness, Siberian Huskies, genuineness, biology, pretty things, cute little dresses, heels, the vastness of the ocean, the wide expanse of the sky, daydreaming, milk, sugary foods, kindness, crow’s feet, dancing,watching fish swim, spring cleaning, ice cream, afternoon naps, picnics, zoo excursions, boat rides, lazing around, sport shoes, dragonfruit, licking raw baking batter, oranges, the feel of the wind on my skin.. 


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