My New Life: Rants & Updates

Back on here to record my progress. I feel good right now but I will come to that soon.

I feel much happier that I am no longer on any diet. I eat well. I don’t see the time. I try to eat about 5-6 meals a day but I am no longer restricting every damn thing. Sure, some days I could do better but then I am human and to err is human nature so whatever.

Monday : Ate as per normal. Skipped the croissant. Ate cereal & milk. But but but, most importantly, I started my day with a 20 min run (yeah yeah where was I and where I am, but baby steps) and I added in 20 reps each of push-ups, squats and leg lifts.

Tuesday: Same thing. I think I had a blueberry muffin this day.

Wednesday: Went for 30 min RPM class at the gym but before that I clocked in 1 min (dropped at 40 s) of plank & the usual 20-20-20 push ups, squats and leg lifts.

Thursday: Went for body pump class. Had an orange & poppy seed muffin before. But hey, no binge-ing.

Friday: Felt bad because I felt I ate a lot. I had cereal (with milk) + 1 banana for breakfast.
Had 1 banana as a snack. Lunch was steam chicken + cheese + wrap. Followed by 3 bowls of greek yoghurt. That made me feel a little sick and bloated and fat.
But i conquered the day by STOPPING. Then i went to do a mini HIIT routine. In my bra. In my room.
Round 1
1 min Jumping Jacks
1 min mountain climbers
1 min squats
x 3 times

Round 2
1 min Burpees
1 min Push ups
1 min leg lifts
x 3 times

(9 min each round x 2 rounds = 18 mins)


Wanna do a GRIT class tmr at the gym. 30 mins in the morning.
Hopefully we get an outing in to Stockton.

Will do Body Balance on Sunday to unwind and re do this whole thing again next week.

Onwards & Upwards guys.


Gloom Doom Go Away

To say I have been depressed is the understatement of the century. I wish I had not used the term depressed so loosely before. I really feel like there is a blanket of doom covering me. I feel so sad all the bloody time. But then, sometimes, I feel happy again.

Anyway, just wanted to say that I spoke with Evy on FB today and BOY AM I GLAD. I have been a bit naughty with my indulgence this weekend. Eating chocolate and milk and cakes! Heehee but I know not all is lost. I have been learning a lot about myself and my body image issues and while these issues are far from being resolved, I am sure I am headed in the right direction. Taking one day at a time and striking the word diet from my life. No more. No more prison. No more shackles. I am free. I eat what I want when I want. Though I gotta be a bit ore mindful. But small indulgences here and then is NO big DEAL. Life is a long long time and this is merely a speed bump. A SMALL bump in a long journey. And so what. I am much better than I ever was. I never ate till I was uncomfortably full. Neither did I eat everything in one seating, in a 2 hour period. I ate what I wanted but throughout the whole day. Yes I wish I cut back on some things but I am much better than I ever was. Really. NO MORE BINGING. NO MORE STARVING. NO MORE amenorrhoea. I love my body. I am respecting my body. And also my mind. Speaking to evy stoked my excitement at giving it a go at fitness again. I am not being a hero. No more jumping in with 2 feet ready to dance. No. I am just starting tmr off with a casual 20 min run. And this week is all about that. Runs. Then next week too. Once I get the hang of my 20 min runs I will add stuff in. Realistic, small goals. All to lead myself towards fitness and in the right direction. I feel so happy at the thought of being fit. Evy is right. No point looking back ad seeing where I was. Rather, I’d look forward with the PAST knowledge that I’ve been there before, so I can do it again (I WILL). Plus this time, it will be sustainable. It will be with proper nutrition. It will be with the right mindset. I will fail I know but I will pick myself up and love myself and care for myself and go on. It’ not a sprint. It’s a marathon. There is no TIME limit. There is no,”if I am this weight, when I reach here, if I this…” I won’t even weigh myself. FOR WHAT. I am done being a slave to the numbers. They don’t define me. I will be healthy. I will be strong. I will eat properly BUT I ALSO WILL INDULGE. No more being the cock suffering at outings and weddings. NO MORE.

I want to hire Aqilah. I might. Sem 2 When I am back. Now I just wanna do stuff myself. Who knows, I might not even need to. I might find my groove myself.




I have set the alarm for 7am. Re-tied my shoelaces and I am ready to go.
Oh yeah, in the spirit of things, I did 20 half push ups, 20 leg lifts and 20 squats. HEE HEE


So I Blew It

Today is Day 01.

Because I blew it yesterday. Typical fat fuck.

Anyway this is what that has been my day so far:

Breakfast at 1130am:
200 ml almond milk (32 cal)
35g Toby’s Fibre Plus Cereal (119 cal)

Lunch at 215pm:
2 hard boiled eggs ( 86 x 2 = 172 cal)
100g boiled sweet potatoes (80 cal)

Snack at 315pm:
110g Banana (98 cal)

The Food Struggle

I’ve just moved to Newcastle, Australia for my Foundation Medicine studies. I was 60 kg at my cousin’s wedding in January. But I went ‘off-course’ and piled on the pounds. When I came here much earlier than my course commencement I was still eating like a pig. Then my parents left, classes commenced and I had to cook for myself. I ate so little I hardly had energy to move any part of my body. I felt I had a cold shoulder when I tried lifting my arms. A typical day for me was consuming 1 hard boiled egg and 100 g of boiled sweet potatoes with a 200 ml-glass of unsweetened almond milk for dinner. Then I’d have 1 fruit for snack somewhere between breakfast and the second (also the last) meal of the day. The fruit usually was apply (free from the University’s Student Association) or a kiwi (leftover from the roadtrip while my family was still here). Then the last meal was dinner at around 6 or 7 pm and it included a measured portion of meat and vegetables and that was that.

So it’s no surprise that I felt like lead everyday. I felt so heavy and lethargic and I felt I couldn’t move. Then I binged. Starving will ultimately lead to that. But I am going to change now. I came here to do well for my foundation course and to secure a place for myself in medicine. I am not going to jeopardise that and sabotage my health at the same time. I weighed in at 68 kg today, directly 2 days after bingeing. This has given me strength because

(A) I am well below 70 kg
(B) if right after eating like a pig and I still weigh 68 kg, this means the next 2 days will easily shave off a few more kgs and I will weigh even lesser than 68.

So now I have decided to eat cleanly and at appropriate times. I will eat a chocolate piece but I will limit myself and do so in moderation. I don’t want to have to stress about my studies AND fret about my weight.

I also will join the gym next Monday onwards. I have to learn to delegate my time appropriately and not focus only on one thing at a time. I can learn to juggle my studies, my food and exercise and I will do so.

So I have started NOW. Not Monday, not tomorrow but NOW.

I had breakfast at 1150 am and these were the foods I ate:

40 g of Fibre Plus Cereal (Apply & Sultanas)
200 ml of Light Fresh Milk
104 g of peaches

I really want to get back to 64 kg at least and then slowly work the last 6-8 kg off after.
My goal weight is 57 kg.

Please help me God.

Shame on you, Daddy

I am angry right now. I have had time to think this through whilst in the shower and I have decided that the emotion I am going with right now is anger. And disappointment. But  mostly just anger.

I was supposed to go look for a laptop with my Dad after my gym session (was scheduled from 9 – 10 am supposedly but I ended at 10.10 am and had a super long ‘Catch-Up’ chat with my trainer and so I ended at 11.20 am). I came home and immediately messaged my Dad to see if he was free and he gave me a ring.

He said he had a meeting to go to at 2 pm and so tomorrow would be a better day. And he asked if I were free. To be honest I had a free Muay Thai Trial at 11 am and when he asked the question I asked back what time he was thinking of going so I could obviously see if it worked for me since I had an appointment. But he went on a rant instead saying how I prioritse fitness over everything else, and how working out during office hours makes me unproductive because I don’t do anything else. He continued saying I should make fitness revolve around my life rather than the other way and how I should be waiting on him to buy the laptop and not keep him waiting. I was infuriated and annoyed. How was I keeping him waiting? He is working at the office and I go to HIS office to see the laptops. I don’t make him come to where I am and I go over at a time he suggested. I don’t make any decisions in this whole situation. I had even gone on my own to reckee the place and checked things out. But all he could focus on was the fact that he saw me going to the gym today at 8.45 am before he left for office. What about the last 3 weeks that I have been out of the gym? What then? He doesn’t say anything about that. I bet he don’t even realise. Always focusing on what he wants and ignoring everything else. What about when I weigh myself and I get elated when I drop some kilos. What about then? He celebrates it with me but do you think that will happen if I stay out of the gym? I am not a gym rat. I workout once a day for about 6 times a week. The only exception I made was when I was on a 6-week tailored program my trainer put me on to tone my body and add some muscle mass. That was the only time I felt I had to train excessively. I was in the gym twice a day and I rarely took and rest days although Sundays were my days off.

My dad is a bloody workaholic. He goes to work EVERY day, even on Sundays when he is not lazy. I know that between his goings to the office and my time spent in the gym, his can be said to me more ‘productive’ because he brings home the dough. But I get fitter and healthier and I feel happy! Doesn’t that count? Just because your job seems to be what is practical for you and the family doesn’t mean it is anymore important than mine. Fine, for you at your age and at this stage in your life this is the thing you are SUPPOSED to do and that you enjoy doing anyway. But I got my own life to live and my own mistakes to make. I want to workout. It makes me happy and keeps me secure. It doesn’t mean my activity is any less weighted or significant than yours. You have no right to discount what makes me happy. This is the first time ever I feel like I cannot bring myself to ask my OWN father for more money to have more sessions with my trainer or to go for bootcamps and I ask why? What’s so bad about treating my body right and working hard to make it better? What’s so bad about having fitness as a hobby? Would you rather I dabble in drugs instead? Or go out having promiscuous sex AFTER office hours?

The only reason I am working out during office hours (what the hell was this about I don’t understand? Why would someone have an argument based on my working out between times of 9 am to 5 pm I fail to understand) is because you HARDLY allow us to do anything other than STAY cooped up at home when you’re home. And guess what genius, you’re only home AFTER office hours.

I have done everything my Dad wants me to. Sure, I may not help him out much at the office or at all because I have my whole life to work in a bloody office (not forgetting the fact that this has nothing to do with my career plans). But this? This fitness thing? The doing what I want when I want and how I want – it’s not going to be this way forever. Yes, I understand that you had to work hard and all that but don’t you wish for me to enjoy my life specifically since you KNOW how hard life is and that once I am graduated with my second degree I will never and I mean NEVER get a chance to do this again?

I know you have worries but don’t you think I get worried too? I have been the fat kid my whole life and now when I am so close, so so close to being a normal person in a perfectly normal weight range, why are you stopping me? Why are you being an obstacle in my path to success? I am trying to be the best I can be NOW because (a) who knows when I will die (b) I don’t know what’s in store for me in Australia! Will I get a good gym? How about food? What about timings? Can I squeeze in a workout a day?

I don’t want to get fat. I have worked so hard to get here. I don’t want to retain water and have a bloated belly. AND I DON’T WANT MY MUSCLES TO ATROPHY. They do you know after 3-4 weeks of inactivity. Why would I want to reverse all my hard work? It’s akin to me asking you to set your office on fire after 12 years of all the hard work you put in setting in up.

What I am saying is yes you have your own problems and your own worries but so do I! At my age these things matter to me and they are JUST as important. I don’t want saggy skin, I hate my stretch marks but these I cannot control. What I can control is my dedication to working out and my muscle mass. So these I will do. And shame on you for trying to stop me.

It’s a healthy hobby and even if for a little while I get to obsess about it and make it my life you should let me because can you guarantee that I can do all these later on? Can you? Plus you allow R to do what he wants (including late night shit and having a girlfriend – bloody double standard) and play cricket 24/7 but you’re seriously going to be a pain in the ass when I am trying to get thin?

Thanks a bunch. Now I am just disappointed and for the first time (again) I wish I had my own money so I didn’t have to ask you for more exercise classes. Just because you raise your voice doesn’t mean you’re always right. Just because you pay for my classes doesn’t give you the right to make me feel obliged to return the ‘favour’ by working in your damn office. Just because you LOVE working in your office doesn’t mean WE gotta love it too.

Plus, I have had enough of the parents thinking I am being too uptight when I reject eating outside with them and would rather eat home-cooked food. It’s a bloody irony. I am trying to be healthy (and save you some money eating at home) and all you can think of me is that I am too rigid? I cannot SWALLOW such gross food. Most of the time it upsets my stomach. And DON’T YOU THINK I WANT TO EAT WITH YOU? All those ice creams and chocolates? They kill me every time I look at them. But taking a taste is worse than not taking it at all. It’s the same reason an alcoholic doesn’t simply ‘take a sip’ of wine.

The Journey Begins

It feels as though I am back to square one. I keep thinking of where I was and where I am now and I feel so helpless and powerless. I feel so damn useless, that I let myself slip this way. That I let myself go. It’s too much.

I was 72.2kg before leaving for my UK trip. In less than 2 weeks (10 days to be exact) I put on about 8kg of body weight. I know some of it was water and when I came home, I promised myself never to binge this way again. I vowed never to let myself fall that much. And so, I stuck on my program for 1.5 weeks. In the first week, I lost about 3.1kg or thereabouts. I knew I just had to stick with it to lose the remaining water weight but I didn’t. Instead, I had another binge eating session. I could try and justify myself saying I was worried because I have recently developed hypothyroidism and I thought it was because of the diet. But I know now, that is most likely not the case. I shouldn’t have eaten like that. I got ill (again) with the large intake of sugary foods. I puked because it was too much (not because I induced myself to). And now I feel disappointed. I feel like I am back to where I was 40kg ago, where I was struggling to control my appetite, when I lied and ate chocolates stealthily, where I feel that no matter what I do, I will end up being fat. I hate my cravings, I hate that I give in, I hate the feeling after. What do I do?

I have seen the doctor and now that I am more or less certain my hypothyroidism has nothing to do with my diet, I am back on it. I will stick to it. I will write everything I am feeling and chart my progress.

I want you guys to know that whatever it is, you can get back up again. No fall is too great. No hurdle too terrible. We all fall and we shall rise again.

I have binged many times, but tomorrow is a new day. Time to buck the fuck up and take on this challenge. People have their fair share of problems and mine is with my weight. So I am going to rise to the challenge and overcome it.

Today was day 1 and while I had some cravings, it wasn’t too bad. I feel bloated and swollen and my skin feels sore. Apparently, this is common with binge eating disorders where people binge on sugary foods after a long while. The body is unable to fathom the sugar as it has been deprived of it for a long while. Hence it swells and starts treating it as an infection to be fought, so edemas form, making you feel like you’re bruised all over. It hurts to touch me. I feel sore.But this is it. I am not going to suffer this anymore. I will fight it. I will allow myself some chocolates now and then but my main aim is to reduce my weight back to where I was. I will weigh myself this Sunday and I shall update my statistics and no matter what the number on the scale says, I know it is not the end. That this number shall be the heaviest I will see, ever. That this is the LAST time I shall even see those figures. After this, everytime I take my  weight, the numbers will go DOWN. I promise you that much. Or at least, it will stay the same. No more putting on. No more upward curves. Everything is going to be better from now on. I will make sure I love myself enough to do myself this justice. To do my body this good deed. Because I deserve it. So does my body.


I will not be demotivated or depressed about the scale. And I will stop seeing the time I lost while on my binge eating spree. I know I could have utilised that time to lose more weight and be thinner than I am now, but no. I made a mistake and I am forgiving myself. Because folks, that’s the most important first step.

Stay tuned. A brand new me is emerging.